Friday, August 22, 2008

Back in the Andamans

Well I've been back in the Andamans for over a week now. It's nice to be back, see my friends again and start working. Right now Anand and I are conducting a survey of the bore wells on the islands. So we drive a motercycle all over the place. We are taking Mr. Jamal along with us. He has personally been involved in digging a significant number of the 2000 borewells here and has a great memory. We get a GPS point on each well and take down relevant data that includes the depth of the bore well, the depth of the water table, soil composition, how much water is there and so on. Hopefully with enough points we will be able to map the groundwater table of the Andamans (something that hasn't been done before). If it all works out this data will be published and could potentially tell one where a good place to dig a bore well would be and where one would probably not find water.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Back home in India

I made is safely back to India, for all of you who were worried. I'm currently in Kolkata and will be flying to the Andamans tomorrow to start work again. It was lovely being back in the States to see family, friends and of course my brothers wedding. But it is also nice to be back here and I'm looking forward to getting to work and reconnecting with friends on the Andamans.

Earthquakes: You may have heard news about 4 earthquakes off the coast of the Andaman islands two days ago (one up to 6.2 which was 7o miles from Port Blair) and the subsequent tsunami warning. Although it made people on the island nervous, little damage was caused. There seems to be more seismic activity in the area then usual (there have been 25 tremors in the last 3 months).

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