Monday, January 28, 2008

Orientation Week 2

The first week of orientation is over with many discussions that included the more logistical ends of working for MCC along with the theology of peacemaking, racism, sexual harassment, etc. All of those serving in the US and Canada are now on their way to their service assignments leaving those of us serving overseas for another week of orientation.

This weekend, for a break from lectures, many of us went on a trip to Washington DC. It is an interesting paradox to be in the epicenter of western society this weekend and then for many of us to be going out into the 3ed world next weekend. It was a good reminder that we truly live in a global society and policies that are made in Washington DC have a huge effect on the places we will be living for the next three years.

The Capital Building in Washington DC

On the steps of the Lincoln Memorial where
Martin Luther King gave his, "I Have a Dream" speech.

I still do not have my visa, but we are hopeful that by next weekend it will be sent to me and I will be able to fly to India in early February.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

MCC Orientation

I am at MCC orientation in Akron Pennsylvania so this journey must have officially begun. Last Wednesday I drove to Chicago to see if I could move my visa process along by actually going to the Indian Consulate. Although I got to talk to the head Consular and was able to fine out what documentation was still needed we are still waiting for the visa.

After spending a wonderful time with friends in Chicago I flew to Pennsylvania this Monday. I got in very late due to major flight delays. Despite being a little tired from getting in late and waking up early for breakfast I soon started to get to know the other people being oriented, who have turned out to be an amazing group of people. Four hours of playing Rook late into the night might have also helped in the getting to know each other process.

MCC Orientation

Job Description:
As far as I know now I will be working on the Andaman Islands, which are part of India, for the next three years. I will be working with EHA (Emanuel Hospital Association) doing tsunami relief. We will be working to restore clean water to parts of the islands that were affected by the 2004 tsunami.